Amy Valore Long Legs and Nice Butt

I am a sucker for a hot girl in a short skirt wearing high heels, it’s sort of the ultimate combination for bringing us the best sort of ass shots. You know, the ones where the ass cheeks are hanging out of the bottom of the skirt, the curve of her ass lifting the skirt up even more so that we see more of her sweet cheeks. Well, Amy Valore pulls that off just fucking nicely here in this set from Big League Facials, she is looking just so hot in that little skirt (no panties!), and the heels and all make her legs look really long and firm. This is a pretty good sexy than hardcore scene too, with plenty of chances to enjoy Amy’s sweet cheeks and nice hips as she gets busy and plowed. She’s all into it, and doggy style is just a dream with her!

Check out the full scene at Big League Facials here!

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